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My practice is focused primarily on counseling for individual adults,

though I also work with some couples and older teens as my

schedule allows. If you are new to me or my services, you'll find

information about who I am, how I work, and what I offer

contained within. I am happy to offer a brief telephone

consultation should you need more information.*


    The decision to address personal concerns with a professional

counselor is one that takes courage and some intuition. Though

I have been working as a counselor since the mid-1990s, I

appreciate that this might be the first time you've risked taking

this step. Take your time to choose a counselor who not only

provides a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere where you feel

understood, but who also offers tangible ways for you to address

and resolve whatever holds you back.

   Psychotherapy outcome studies consistently report that the relationship between therapist and client must be a good fit in order to have positive results. Our first session will be a good opportunity to assess the issues you want to address, to understand the ways I believe we can create the changes you desire, and to gauge your comfort and readiness.

* PLEASE NOTE:  I am not taking new clients.  However, if you are looking to begin therapy and are interested in Internal Family Systems, please visit the new IFS Telehealth Collective -  a multi-state group practice for which I am co-founder and Clinical Director.  We have an amazing and diverse team of Level 1 trained clinicians dedicated to the Model and who are able to treat a wide range of presenting issues.  Schedule a free consultation to get matched with a licensed clinician in your state. 


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Stay in touch! 

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