The Unburdened System

            "All parts are welcome," the reassuring IFS refrain goes.  In Internal Family systems communities, we know it's the tough and painful burdens driving parts of ourselves to extremes that often constrain the flow of life. The mission of the IFS movement is to further health and healing in all corners of the world by unburdening parts and releasing more Self Energy.

        Created by IFS Lead Trainer Mariel Pastor with IFS founder Richard Schwartz, the Unburdened Internal System mandala presents a vision of what life can look like when we befriend and unburden our parts and discover their inherent gifts, with Self Energy increasingly more available to tend and to lead.  The glow surrounding the mandala reminds us that we are all held within a greater sea of Self energy.

Like the IFS model itself, this new mandala was inspired by clients;  by those who took the plunge inward and made surprising and joyful discoveries about themselves, and by other clients whose parts felt discouraged after years of struggle and were initially skeptical about "going inside" and who needed a vision of hope.

   This stunning visual aid is available in multiple formats and can be used in treatment with clients, in the classroom with students, or for personal reflection in understanding your inner world.  

   Included with each purchase is a companion exercise "Trailheads to Transformation" featured in Parts, A Love Story:  Celebrating the Unburdened System Continuing Education workshop by Mariel Pastor, LMFT.   For more information about this workshop, click here.

   A portion of ALL donations and sales will go to the following organizations:

Foundation for Self Leadership which funds IFS research and training scholarships and GoodTherapy.Org Foundation which pays therapists to see pro bono clients.


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   Download a PDF attachment and you can make unlimited 8"x10" copies to distribute to colleagues, clients, students, or to whomever you like.  We appreciate any donation and ask only that you agree not to sell it in any form out of respect to its creators.

   Pay "what you wish" OR Pay "nothing but gratitude" and your donation will help offset pro bono client work.  Simply complete and submit this form and you'll immediately receive instructions to download the PDF and accompanying exercise, "Trailheads to Transformation".

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8.5"x11" Glossy Print, suitable for framing                                        $5.95

4"x5.5"   NEW!  Unburdening Postcards as session keepsakes        $15  set of 25 cards

18"x24" Laminated Poster                                                                  $26.95

5"x7"     Journal notebook, 80 blank pages                                        $10.95

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