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Unburdened Systems Retreat

On the Path of Healing & Beyond

  Rescheduled Due to COVID: 
March 20 - 23, 2025
La Rouvraie, Switzerland

"All parts are welcome" the reassuring IFS refrain goes. And how can we recognize and use their wisdom and intrinsic resources before and after unburdening? What does a self-led system of parts look like in reality? 

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Treat yourself to four days discovering the beauty and gifts of your inner world. Come experience a new way to strengthen your healing journey, by valuing the gifts of your parts and their positive contribution to the system. Mariel Pastor brings new tools to emphasize the "post-unburdening" steps of the IFS mode:
Invitation and Integration.


This workshop celebrates the relationship between your Self and Parts through experiential exercises, practice and presentation.

In this workshop we will:

• Work with self-like parts without shaming or indulging them 

• Recognize parts along a health continuum from burdened to unburdened 

• Practice skills to strengthen the gifts of parts in the Invitation, and Integration steps of IFS

• Use the Unburdened System Mandala to help clients honor and envision the health of their parts

• Unite the inner system around a personal life meaning using the Japanese Ikigai

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Learn More & Register

For questions & registration information, please reach out to
Ariane Kaeser at

Workshop Information

La Rouvrai, Bevaix (near Neuchâtel), Switzerland


March 24-27, 2022


740 EUR
(includes daily coffee, tea, snacks and lunch)

Participant Requirements: 
This retreat is open to anyone who has completed an IFS L1 Training.

The workshop will be translated from
English into French. 

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