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In the mid-1990s, I made the more-obvious-than-it-seems progression from entertainment industry executive to mental health therapist, a move I've never regretted. 


Now, my clinical work brings me full circle, merging my passions for the arts and psychology—a return that feels both right and deeply rewarding. Through Character Mapping, I offer coaching, online master classes, and workshops for actors, writers, and directors that explore character psychology and artistic health.


A native of Chicago, I've lived in Portland, Oregon since my Hollywood exodus and am delighted to be here with you online.

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I am an IFS Lead Trainer and the principal author of the 200-page Internal Family Systems Level 1 Training Manual—available to all Level 1 alumni through the IFS Institute online bookstore

For written material on the Unburdened System, click below.

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Though I am not accepting new therapy clients myself, I encourage you to check out the IFS Telehealth Collective, a multi-state group practice of licensed psychotherapists trained in and dedicated to IFS.


As the co-founder and Clinical Director, I am proud of the exceptional support this group practice offers to clinicians and clients alike. Schedule a free consultation at

“There is so much demand now for IFS therapy and so many under-trained people offering it that I’m very happy to have this resource of the

IFS Telehealth Collective.

Two top IFS trainers vet, hire and provide consultation to well-trained IFS therapists so that if you refer to this practice you can be confident that clients will be getting the real deal.”

— Dick Schwartz, PhD

Developer of Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

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Character Mapping is the only comprehensive psychological toolbox to help actors, writers and directors create complex and compelling characters.  Through online learning, private consultation, workshops and podcasts, storytellers explore innovative ways their craft can support their own emotional health and transformation.


Created and developed exclusively by Mariel Pastor.   

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